Halsey's 'Without Me' Video Has Everything To Do With G-Eazy

Halsey's new single 'Without Me' is one of the best songs she's ever put out and the video only furthers my opinion on this. The story told here obviously paints the tail end of her and G-Eazy's relationship vividly but what makes it so compelling is the fact that it's shot as a part two to their duet 'Him & I'. Clearly the actor in the video is meant to portray G-Eazy if that wasn't a giveaway enough but the constant scenes of the two making out parallel the 'Him & I' video as the two of them crossing their arms to take a shot. Visually, it's an extremely clever move by Halsey. She's definitely looking to put the nail in the coffin with this one. See if you can spot more comparisons in the video below. Here's 'Him & I' as a reference as well.