Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw Returns The Favor To Pete Davidson On SNL

Last week, Pete Davidson made his ever-so-awaited return to Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update after his split from pop star, Ariana Grande. Well just when everyone thought his topic of choice was going to be her, he immediately got everyone talking for a completely different reason. His "First Impressions" of 2018 Midterm election candidates didn't go over so well when he commented on Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw's look. Crenshaw lost an eye serving, during his 3rd term in Iraq which Davidson wasted no time commenting on. 

Alternatively, Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw believes Pete's jokes helped him win his seat but due to backlash Pete Davidson invited him on to make some jokes of his own. It's interesting to see Pete Davidson's time in the spotlight. From a near-nobody comic to someone who's constantly under the scope, it's like watching the Grinch's heart grow three sizes. Looks like it's hard to keep his dark humor up when everyone's watching. Check out the full back and forth between Davidson and Crenshaw below.