Every Wonder How 'Thank U, Next' Became So Popular? Here's Why

Ariana Grande has such a strong following, being that she's one of the biggest artists of this generation. But it goes without saying 'Thank U, Next' spread like wildfire, becoming one the most known songs practically overnight. Every wonder why the song is so good or how it came together? Meet producers Social House and TB Hits. They're the creators behind the infectious beat that ultimately became Grande's latest single, 2019 mantra and title of her upcoming album. 

Honestly, this video is a behind-the-scene fiend's dream; what a musician truly nerds out for. And it's inspiring to see that friends came together and not only made an amazing record but were able to take somber, honest emotions and turn it into such a bouncy, feel-good song. This recap of the making of 'Thank U, Next' is definitely worth the watch.