Ariana Grande Botched Her New Hand Tattoo

Oh no baby. What is you doing baby? Ariana Grande is rising from the ash that was 2018 like a phoenix with these new songs, video and overall guerrilla-style promoting. Thriving, I think the kids are calling it. But the '7 Rings' singer took a slight loss publicly over her new tattoo.

Looks like hand tats hurt as Ari went to get "7 Rings" in Japanese inked on her palm. She couldn't complete the whole tat due to pain so halfway thru it loosely translated to "Japapnese BBQ." Hard LOL. But it doesn't stop there. In an effort to right some wrongs she got back under the needle to complete it but it still doesn't say "7 Rings" rather a hot and sultry "Japanese BBQ Finger *heart*" I'm not sure what you do from there but all I know is her next release better be fire. Speaking of, the '7 Rings' Remix with 2Chainz can be found here .