Doritos Got Chance The Rapper To Remix A Classic Backstreet Boys Song

The Super Bowl isn't just an event where two footballs put everything on the line. Ad agencies are having a field day too and Doritos definitely went crazy for this one. Now, as you may know, The Backstreet Boys just released their new album DNA so "Backstreet's back" in the spotlight and a likely move for Doritos to grab for a commercial. However, they really set it off when they got Chance The Rapper to put a verse on 'I Want It That Way' essentially remixing a now 20 year old song solely for the purpose of promoting a flaming hot nacho Doritos. Mind. Blown. Living in Chicago, I see how hard the people fiend new Chance The Rapper songs and after this there might a Doritos commercial charting on the Billboard Hot 100. Check out the video below.