Hugh Jackman Accidentally Reignites "Beef" With Ryan Reynolds

Whether you've witnessed it or not, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have had an online feud going on for quite some time now. It initially stemmed from the fact that they both play Marvel superheroes, Deadpool and Wolverine, respectively. Differently brings more character to the Deadpool franchise and I'm sure if Wolverine didn't die in Logan (my bad *SPOILERS*) he'd be taking screen time to take shots at Wade Wilson (that's Deadpool's real name for you non-Marvel fans).

Well, today they'd set aside their differences and call a truce in order to create ads for each other. Hugh Jackman owns Laughing Man Coffee so Ryan made a commercial for him while Reynolds owns Aviation Gin so Jackman returned the favor. Except he didn't at all. Ryan definitely spent time and money putting together a quality ad for Laughing Man while Jackman simply didn't believe the truce was off. I'd explain but you should just watch the clip.