Ja Rule's Not-Quite-Fyre App is Up & Apparently You Can Book Big Artists

By now, if you haven't seen either of the Fyre Festival documentaries, you understand that it was a fiasco, probably from the Andy King memes alone. But just for reference, The Fyre Festival all started as a promotional tool to gear people up for an app called Fyre which would make booking big artists practically seamless. Fast forward to the whole thing flopping, live-action Lord of the Flies but with rich kids, a plethora of Andy King memes, and here we are!

You'd think that Ja Rule escaping that PR hellfire with not even a slap on the wrist would teach him to leave the whole "Fyre" thing along. Well, no. Not even close. His new app, Ice Connect or ICONN, just launched and guess what? It's an app that makes booking big artists practically seamless. Is the Deja Vu setting in yet?

It's faced immediate backlash online as people within the industry have already commented on the fact that ICONN aims to provide literally the same service that Fyre creator, Billy Macfarland, set out to create and ultimately landing in jail for six years. Skepticism is high and validity will only be proven upon its success. Hopefully we don't end up with another Hulu documentary.