Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Announces He Has Cancer

Sad news today as long time host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, announces via the show's social media, he's just been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. Trebek is hopeful in the video asking for support from friends and family as he undergoes this process and promises he'll beat it not only because he's strong but because he's still got three years left on his contract as Jeopardy's host. He also let fans know he'll continue to host the show during this time.

Definitely sending prayers out to him because, as he let us know in the video, there is a low survival rate for this type of cancer. We grew up with them though. Whether you were an avid watcher or the show served as background noise in your living room, Alex Trebek, at least in my generation, is an American staple. Stay strong Trebek. I still need you on tv.