Beyoncé Fan Launches Lemon At Ariana Grande During Coachella

See, this is what happens when the internet pins queens against each other. Last week, just after Ariana Grande's first Coachella performance, lots of debating took place as to whether Beychella or Arichella is better. Silly question. Obviously both are going to bring different elements to the table and depending on who you stan more will decide your answer (Beychella was better). Twitter rants and arguments are all fine and dandy until someone takes thing into the real world. Welp, you guessed it, this person did exactly that. A member of the beyhive-turned-Ari-hater rolled up to the 'Thank U, Next' singer's second performance of Coachella and threw a lemon at her. Ariana kept performing like nothing happened but we all know she felt that lemon to the body. Check out the video an denounce the haters. Enjoy who you like to listen to y'all.