Peppa Pig Releases Debut Album & The Internet Is Talking

Of all the albums dropped this weekend, the most I've chatter I've seen on the internet is going to Peppa Pig. Perhaps me and my friends are just morons who go for the memes rather than actual substance but you've got to admit it, Nick Jr. is doing great job with their tweets.

And here's their play for an 'Old Town Road' placement:

What's crazy is Peppa Pig's My First Album is being discussed with other artists who dropped albums yesterday. Imagine Billboard talking about Beyoncé's new album or Nas' The Lost Tapes 2 and then going to Peppa Pig. Well, For Iggy Azalea, that's a reality...

The disrespect. If you're really curious as to whether Peppa Pig's debut release is really coming with that fire, check out a preview below.

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