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The King Of Trolling: Diplo Hacks The Jonas Brothers' Instagram

Field Day Festival 2019

Along for being known for quality EDM tracks under his name or countless collaborating groups, Diplo is also a master of social media. Really just being an all around funny guy, Diplo tops his own creativity in the trolling department by taking over none other than the Jonas Brothers' instagram account and does nothing but shamelessly plugs himself.

What a guy. Even at a time like this, he's thinking about other brands and helping them out. A philanthropist.


LOL. It's funny because that's Hanson. Diplo's really rolling out the hits here.

You know you're a Jonas Brothers fan when you name your Grammys after them...

Okay this one's actually really funny. 5 points to whoever can name this movie.

Seriously though, what does this all mean? Will the Jonas Brothers get him back? Could they be making music? Was this all really Diplo hacking them for funzies??

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