Fiona Apple Wants Lil Nas X To Pay Her For Sampling Credit

It goes without saying Lil Nas X is at an all time high. After breaking the record for longest number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 with 'Old Town Road', he's single handedly become a household name. Well, just because he's blown up with such success doesn't mean he's above the law and Fiona Apple's been watching. Prior to Lil Nas X telling us he'll ride till he can't no more, he released a song called 'Maserati' which samples Apple's 'Every Single Night'. She wants her money and she's going after in a very 50 Cent-style manner. Straight to social media. It's actually a pretty funny clip. She even goes on to call him a "cute little guy." See the video she's posted below. Do you think he'll pay up?