JRDN Accepts Night Position At 1035KISSFM In Chicago

It me! Earlier this week I accepted the night position on 1035KISSFM. And I appreciate everyone that has reached out! Words can't describe how much I've wanted this position and how hard I've worked. I'm finally here and honestly can't believe it's finally happened! But thank you thank you THANK YOU for all the support over the years. It's meant so much!

Obviously this seems kind of redundant to make a post about myself being at a place I already work, however, I wanted to point something out really quick. My name is JRDN. Pronounced Jordan (cuz that's how my mom's been telling me to spell it. I just LOVE going against the grain). It is NOT pronounced J-R-D-N or Jerrrrdin which I get can be confusing. It's almost 2020 though and I figured letters don't count, right? Well boy did I shove my foot in my mouth. Check the tweet below for the full press release on this:

The good folks over at Robert Feder kept it short and sweet and even found out about my rap career prior. That was awesome. BUT, there's tons of press releases where they botched my now 4-letter word name:

If you seen the screenshot provided by the lovely Angi Taylor, JRND is tucked in there. What the hell is a JRND? I thought the JRDN wasn't too hard to figure out because its literally just J(o)RD(a)N. Look at the screenshot from the tweet Erik Zachary posted:

JRND. Yep. I don't know man. I guess these things happen. All in all, I'm extremely happy to be here. And honestly not mad at all. Let's give them something to talk about right? That being said, Hi. I'm JRDN, like Jordan. And I can't wait to talk to you!

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