Wonho Leaves Monsta X After Money Borrowing Rumors

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It's a sad day in the K-Pop world as one the biggest groups, Monsta X, dropped some devastating new that singer and producer, Wonho would be leaving the group. This decision came after a whirlwind of rumors that Wonho had not paid back the money he owed which could've sent the group into future legal trouble. Monsta X's label, STARSHIP Ent. released a statement on Wonho's departure:

STARSHIP Ent. has promised to go to bat for Wonho and take legal action against any false accusations but has let the public know he's left amicably. With the group now down to six members fans have pleaded to keep Wonho in the group. Wonho did address fans with a handwriting letter telling him Monsta X has nothing to do with his troubles and to place blame on solely him.

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