Is Halsey Pregnant? No.

At this point, being celebrity really means you can't live or do regular people things. Yes, I get Evan Peters' hand on her stomach like that could possibly allude to a conversation they could be having in which she might be talking about being pregnant. But do you see how I just speculated there? That's all we have. And that's what people run with which doesn't make sense because we're all adults here, right? Well, the paparazzi picked the wrong one because, naturally, Halsey was going to speak up about the situation:

She then elaborated for those who might not be as adult as we thought...

All that being said, why aren't we focusing on where she got the pancakes from? What kind of pancakes were they? Do they sit well with syrup or absorb quickly and become pasty? We can do a lot better than reaching for the low hanging fruit that is jumping to pregnancy rumors.