Billie Eilish Unfamiliar With Van Halen, Public Loses It

Billie Eilish Performs At The Grammy Museum

In the latest chapter of "let's say something uneducated as long as it gets clicks," the world found out Billie Eilish and her knowledge, or lack thereof, on musicians from the 80s. During her latest interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she was asked if she knew several artists to which she said yes for most. When Kimmel mentioned Van Halen, she replied, "who??" Mind you, she's 17. Also, mind you, this is definitely something Jimmy Kimmel would do because making fun of kids is totally his thing, right, wrong or indifferent.


It's definitely cute as a bit for late night comedy but all the people going out of their way to criticize Eilish, who, again was born in 2002, is just total click bait. Let's let the kids be kids and let the "uncle-ish" character get off those harmless jokes. Obviously she wouldn't know who every 80s musician is.



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