Popeyes Releases Athleisure Line That Resembles Beyoncé's Ivy Park

Popeyes has gotten pretty bold since their chicken sandwich glow up. Today, the fast food establishment announced they're releasing their own athleisure line aptly titled "That Look From Popeyes" fashioned after the restaurant's uniform. I know. I can't believe it either. Maroon sweatsuits and leggings with a hint of orange is the basic design of Popeyes debut in the clothing world. But doesn't that remind you of someone else's line that just dropped?? It should. And it's own by the queen bee herself, Beyoncé. Which brings me to exhibit A:

I know in this digital age we live in last week feels like forever but Beyoncé literally re-released her Ivy Park collaboration with Adidas a week ago. It's hard to look at Popeyes new apparel and not point fingers at where the inspiration came from (Oh, my bad, their uniforms...). It'll be interesting to see if Beyoncé or Adidas will take action but what is cool is Popeyes clothes have been modeled by actual Popeyes employees and all the proceeds will go to the Popeyes Foundation.