Dua Lipa Announces Release Date And Album Cover For Future Nostalgia

WARNING: *This is a Dua Lipa stan post. JRDN is about to fangirl over the only pop album he's been waiting for*

This is not a drill! Dua Lipa, the next queen of pop has finally delivered the release date and album cover for her sophomore project, Future Nostalgia. The 11-track album has been slated for an April 3rd release and based on the songs she's dropped pon your head pieces thus far, Dua Lipa is bringing back 80's synth pop in a beautiful way. This absolutely spicy album cover depicts Dua Lipa letting everyone know there's no turning back for the haters was created by Hugo Comte. Her drip is flawless. Who do you know who's rocking four-finger gloves with the diamond rings on the outside, gripping the wood grain wheel? None of you broke boys. Just today, she let loose another anthemic banger, 'Physical' and it's exactly what you think it's about: getting physical. Get your little pop stars together now because once April hits, it's over for everyone.