Woman Finds Out Her Ex Is Dating Lady Gaga

Break ups can be tough. And with social media as prominent as it is, it's easy to still see someone after they're out of your life. Especially if they're going viral because of their new boo. This scenario really just happened to Lindsay Crouse. Imagine waking up one morning to your phone blowing up because your friends are telling you to check Twitter, Instagram and then following up with "are you okay?" Out of the blue, there's nothing but photos of her ex-boyfriend on Lady Gaga's arm and tabloids about "Lady Gaga's new, normal, mystery man." A very one-of-one situation. Crouse went from being totally removed from this person life to having his face plastered everywhere in an instant as Lady Gaga's new boyfriend. Read her op-ed on her reaction to social media and the unique effects it's hold on everyday life has.