There's A Certain Version Of The Cats Movie That Many Want Released

"Cats" World Premiere

There quite possibly is a need for a documentary behind the making of the Cats movie. I mean at face value we have a production with a stacked cast (Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba) met with a not-so-surprising flop at the box office. Once you peel back that surface layer, however, things get weird. Apparently, when the creators were mapping out the creative direction for the film, they wanted the cats to be as anatomically correct as possible. So buttholes were included. Yes, buttholes. Then, in post, they decided to take them out.

Ever since this knowledge had been released, everyone is in search of the Cats movie with the buttholes still in tact like Seth Rogen (who made a hilarious thread about how weird the movie is itself).

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