GameStop Had Quite The Weekend Trying To Keep Employees Working

GameStop To Close 200 Of Its Stores

Last week, the one thing on pretty much everyone's mind was when they were finally going to get the go ahead to work from home as the coronavirus outbreak has exponentially increased in cases throughout the United States. It seemed like all your favorite concerts, bars, and social settings were closing one by one but your job was still holding on. Well, one establishment thought they were really going to fight the power on this one. And that establishment was none other than GameStop. They really thought they were going to keep employees working by claiming them as "essential retail."

This was very short-lived. The memo asking forcing employees to continuing work was put out last Thursday. By Saturday GameStop closed their doors, now only allowing digital and curb-side pickup orders. Going further, GameStop is also giving extra PTO and pay to those still working.

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