O.J. Simpson Weighs In On Tiger King's Carole Baskin And Her Ex Husband

Oh this is gold. Don't you just love when art imitates life and life imitates art? By now, if you haven't watched Tiger King you're under a rock. Like what else could you possibly have going on?? Anyway, for those that haven't The Tiger King arch-nemesis is a woman named Carole Baskin who was a household name a while back when the country (and by that I mean Florida) thought she fed her ex husband, Don Lewis, to her tigers some time ago. Well, due to the popularity of their docu-series, an investigation has re-opened in search of Baskin's first husband's disappearance but we all now also think she did that (this time I mean the country).

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, the ONLY person who should be able to share their very valid two cents on this does. Orenthal James Simpson decides it's time to give his review of the Netflix show. I believe the phrase he used was "tiger sashimi" when describing Don Lewis' current situation. That video is prepared for you below.