Tom Holland Keep Our Boredom At Bay With A New Challenge

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' South Korea Premiere - Press Conference

So during times like these, challenges to put on your socials come and go. Well, I don't know how this one started but Tom Holland, everyone's favorite Spider-Man (if he isn't you're just nuts) has the latest challenge for us to try and probably fail. Put your shirt on while doing a hand stand. I haven't done this one yet but I can already tell you, you have to be crazy athletic for this one. It does NOT look easy...

Ok obviously, Holland was going to get it done but then he goes on to challenge some of his other famous friends. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are the ones I want to focus on. Now, there's two types of role models. One, aspires and inspires. That's Gyllenhaal in this scenario. He sees the challenge and completes the task:

Then.. there's the other role model. The one that teaches you not to conform to society. That, my friend, is Ryan Reynolds. And we love him for it.

Will you be trying this challenge? Let us know @1035kissfm

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