Husband And Wife Try To Outdo Each Other With #LockDownLipSync Videos

This stay-at-home lifestyle can be tough. For some, it's staying at home and doing the same things day in and day out. This couple, however, is taking their downtime to a new level with, what is now a trending hashtag, #LockDownLipSync. Comedians Rachel Parris and Marcus Brigstocke are posting videos of themselves giving their best lip sync renditions and not only are their fake singing skills unmatched, they're raising the bar with each round. Check it out. It started here. A simple video. Basically cute and harmless:

But then it got competitive. The following day. Brigstocke replied with this:

The challenge wasn't taken lightly. If we skip ahead a couple rounds, we see the production improves as well:

Follow along with their ongoing lip sync battles and even make your own with the hashtag #lockdownlipsync

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