Justin Bieber Takes To Twitter Amid Sexual Assault Claim To Prove Innocence


Over the weekend, a woman came forward claiming Justin Bieber had sexual assaulted her back in 2014 in Austin, TX during SXSW. Not long after, Justin Bieber took to Twitter to address the allegation and then gave a detailed account of the events that took place that weekend in an attempt to clear his name from the assault allegation. I cannot stress enough how series sexual assault is for both parties. I do not intend to take a side rather simply share what's been presented.

On Saturday a woman named Danielle recounted her story of being sexually assaulted by Bieber in 2014 at a four seasons:

A day later, Justin Bieber, after talking it over with his "wife and team" decided to address the allegation. Here are his tweets claiming that the situation describe was "factually impossible":

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