Jenna Marbles Quits Youtube After 10 Years

With the recent climate of the country, many white entertainers are taking either stepping down from roles or subsequently getting cancelled by fans. Just this week, Jenny Slate stepped down from voicing the black character Missy on Big Mouth and Kristen Bell walked away from voicing mixed character Molly on the new Apple TV show Central Park. In a move not too many saw coming, OG Youtuber Jenna Marbles has decided to leave her channel altogether after old videos of her in blackface as well as other problematic instances resurfaced.

Though she's unsure if she'll return to the platform in any capacity, several of her black fans rushed to her side to claiming her apology was sincere and that she has grown over the years stating that it isn't her non-POC fanbase's choice to decide whether she was genuine or not.