Youth For A Better Future: How One Man Is Shaping Chicago's Future Leaders

It's always good to see people mentoring and molding the youth into the leaders of tomorrow, especially in underserved communities around Chicago. In my quest to be a mouthpiece for black communities, I came across Youth For A Better Future and their founder, Adem Aluka. I got the chance to talk to him about how he came to create YBF and dive into their core values:

"My passion was always in empowering others and I was always a great mentor. I started out in Inglewood in mentoring programs and partnering up with organizations. Then I started YBF and the goal was to do exactly what I said, 'To really see what opportunities are available to them, maximize them and also me knowing that the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and math, knowledge of the world beyond their neighborhood, are topics that are extremely, extremely important.' I wanted the organization to focus on that."

And the non-profit organization does just that. From teaching foreign languages and cultural studies to yoga, health & wellness, Youth For A Better Future affords children, and mainly children of color, chances to learn outside of a typical curriculum. Check out some of the posts from YBF's instagram as well as where you can learn more on getting involved.