Man Updates Grocery Store On Bugs He Found In Their Food

TO GO WITH AFP STORY Picture of monarch

TO GO WITH AFP STORY Picture of monarch

Twitter has people doing some incredible stuff. In an era where cancelling someone or something is the immediate response, one guy turned a rationally large negative into some pretty good content. Meet Sam. He's out in London and his local Tesco (a grocery store for those state side) could've been in some big trouble if he didn't have a sense of humor. So Sam got broccoli from the store and was a met with nothing but caterpillars living throughout his veggies. Instead of taking to social media to tear Tesco apart, Sam houses all the caterpillars then proceeds to give us updates on their growth. From little, green worm-looking guys to full chrysalis to winged beauties, Sam provides a look for each along the way. Follow the entire thread below for the full story.

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