Chance The Rapper Asks Why Not Kanye West For President

After Kanye West released a clip of a new, politically charged song title 'DONDA' in honor of it being his late mother's birthday, Chance The Rapper took to Twitter to pose poignant questions about American politics and why Kanye West as a presidential candidate seems so far-fetched.

Twitter, being the ruthless place it is, started a fairly negative discourse toward Chance after his inquiry on "pro biden and anti ye" causing him to trend on twitter. The questions continued from the Chicago artist with more and more people taking sides as he broke down ideas on what being "presidential" truly means, prison abolition and reparations. Chance called out the fact that he was trending to address the city of Chicago and the Chicago Police department on their involvement with the murder of Black Panther activist, Fred Hampton.

Chance the Rapper ultimately acknowledged the "hill" he was on, claiming he didn't want to "die on it" after an endorsement from actor, Terry Crews.