A Tribute To Pierre The Fish

My fish died today and although it's wildly sad and I've been having a rough one, he taught me so much and impacted many beyond me (via social media of course). So rather than making this a sob story, I just wanted to tell everyone how he changed my life. Like all pets, they look to you for everything and even though he was "just a fish" (I've been getting that a lot), I learned to slow down, accept the things I can't change for what they are and most importantly, love. A love for something someone else may just skip by. For all the people saying he's just a fish, well yea, to you. But I'm sure everyone has their things/people/places that might not be much to others. And If you don't, I really do hope you find something you can truly cherish one day. For me, at this time, it was Pierre, a small honey gourami who has was incredibly engaging and attentive. A fish like somehow had music tastes (he was really into R&B. I didn't force that on him either). A fish that was super moody but also super excited whenever you talked to him. If you're reading this, I really wish you could've met him. Anyways, check the post below. There's some fun videos in there. Also, I hope you find your happiness if you haven't already.