The Chainsmokers Throw Concert In The Hamptons Amid Pandemic

Hamptons Magazine x The Chainsmokers VIP Dinner

Hamptons Magazine x The Chainsmokers VIP Dinner

I don't know about you all but, I don't see any cars in that video... Over the weekend, The Chainsmokers threw a "drive-in" concert in the Southamptons meaning only the richest of the rich aren't affected by COVID-19. Kidding. Seems like these concert goers really had a problem with the fact that New York announced 0 new cases only a week ago. Word of said concert traveled back to New York governor Andrew Cuomo who was "appalled" by Saturday's "egregious social distancing violations." Yikes.

If I seem insensitive about this it's because I'm also appalled by artists who have all this influence that clearly don't deserve it when times get tough. It's simple: by throwing a concert you're telling your fans it's okay to not follow these easy pandemic rules meaning if they're not going to social distance at your concert they won't do it anywhere else. I'm sorry (I'm really not) you miss touring and performing but there's a lot of people out there who miss their family members they've lost during this. Stay home like everyone else. It isn't worth it.

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