Watch This Dog Pull A Hercules And Really Go The Distance

You dog video of the week goes to this little pupper who really did the unthinkable. Not too much is known about the guy/gal but I will say this doggo went on the forbidden walk that'll be seen all over the world. Where did he come from? Where was he trying to go? Did he belong to Cotton-eyed Joe? This pup ran down the freeway forever (emphasis on the "free" part). Countless people tried and couldn't stop this sheer force. And my guy was reckless with it too. In between lanes, under truck and in front of cars. How did this pup not get hit? The dog eventually got caught (lame) but this video should be an inspiration to all. Maybe one day, we'll all be as free as this little guy was. Wherever you are, we salute you pup.