Oklahoma Woman Starts High Speed Chase Because She Had To Poop

We've all been here (...well maybe not). Sometimes you overestimate your ride and gotta go to the bathroom. Well, this was the worst case scenario for all parties. Now, 28 year old, Emily was pulled over on her birthday for not wearing a seatbelt. Instead of playing it cool, she pulls out the tactics and cries poop! The police officer pulled her over to find out her license is suspended and has a warrant out for her arrest for fighting another cop. But the poop comes first. Since she wasn't going to be getting away, she peels off because doody duty calls. A high speed chase ensues and honestly go on her for not pooping her pants during such a sh***y situation. She was eventually stopped and arrested. Plot twist: the cops found a meth pipe in her car. Emily had quite the 28th birthday.