Travis Scott Pays For A Semester Of School For Several Fans

What started out as helping a fan turned into so much more for Travis Scott this afternoon. LaFlame's generosity went from innocent to awesome in a matter of hours. A fan asked the 'Franchise' rapper could replace a pair of AirPods for him which seemed like a no brainer to Scott. Another fan then jokingly asked him to replace his "broken" PS5 (they haven't been released yet) but Travis didn't bat an eye at that request either claiming he could make that happen.

Fans started asking for all kinds of things which pushed Travis Scott into an even more giving mood to which he decided to pay for 5 students first semester of college as long as they attended an HBCU.

The floods gates were opened but Travis Scott was responding, thus far finding two students to help out. There's still three slots out there (as far as his Twitter goes) so hit him up!