Grimes Says Newborn X AE A-XII Has Watched Apocalypse Now, Into Radical Art

I've always found it kind of odd that we talk to babies in "baby talk." I mean, it's cute because babies are cute but wouldn't it behoove them if we were all just communicating with them like adults? Wouldn't that technically further brain development? I'm no scientist so I'm really just spitballing here but I seems like Grimes has taken that notion to greater heights. There was big talk some month back about the name of her and Elon Musk's new child, X AE A-XII, but it was foolish of us to think that's the last we'd hear. In a recent interview, Grimes talks about how her now 5-month old, X, has seen the film Apocalypse Now and is "into radical art."

The bigger news is that she's done some pretty incredible stuff, now being a new mother, with her creation of AI Lullaby. Grimes has always believe AI would play a big role is the future of music and she's one of its pioneers. This new app, designed to help people sleep and relax, introduces sound environments to the listener created by Grimes and Endel, the first algorithm signed to a major label. Why have your child listen to white noise when they can be immersed in so much more?