Bagel Bites Writes heartfelt Review Of Ariana Grande's New Album

You read that headline right. There has been talk all across the board today about the release of Ariana Grande's latest album, Positions. Some love it. Some aren't impressed. One group was and it was shocking to see how thought out and eloquent the tweet was. Bagel Bites clearly had time today and might be sought after as a music journalist hereafter. Very much in favor of Grande's new album, the longtime, household, everyone's favorite snack had this to say:

Ari does a lot well but her music about reconciling with past traumas and her mental health hits me best. When I think about how many lives this young woman has lived, I'm in awe. She describes love as experienced by a flawed, imperfect person in such a special way. Amazing.

I'm sorry. Bagel Bites is just crooning out tweets like that?! I mean, yes, I completely agree but I can't be the only one that thinks this is left field. In fact, I know I'm not because Ariana Grande retweeted it before she actually knew what was going on herself. Check below.