Meet The Microclimate Air Face Shield

First of all, let me stress that, that astronaut's helmet isn't the Microclimate Air face shield but it might as well be. This is their face shield:

Comedian, Zack Fox wearing it makes it interesting but that's about where it stops. Coming in at a whole $299, this bad boy is a rich man's glorified COVID-19 PPE mask. The only people that actually need this are frontline healthcare workers and if it's as good as they say, I really hope they're working with the medical field to give these to them for free, if not cheap. If you're just on your way to some West Loop tech startup job, you don't need this. The part that gets me the most however, their CEO, Michael Hall and this video.

While I obviously don't know Michael Hall and find this absolutely hilarious. And don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's put in tons of hours and money into getting this thing off the ground, the deeper I dig, the more far fetched it seems. An audio update for a helmet just sounds like he's never worn over-the-ear headphones. Even though this entire thing has given me a good laugh, I hope it does help people who really need it and just isn't a fashion statement. And if this reaches Mr. Hall, more power to you for such technology. You just gotta admit that video's pretty funny.