Brandy's Cinderella Finally Makes It To Disney+ Next Week

You already know what time it is! An immaculate childhood throwback is coming back to us in just a couple of days! Dinsey+ will add Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, more commonly known as Brandy's Cinderella Feb. 12th!!! Here's why this is important: First, it's Black History Month. While probably easy for Disney+ to pull off, this film was way ahead of its time in terms of representation. Second, REPRESENTATION! Not only was this our first portrayal of a Disney princess from a black woman, the cast was diverse as well! Whitney Houston (RIP) was the the fairy godmother! The prince was played by Paolo Montalban, a Filipino-American actor. HUGE! This is getting streamed A LOT in the JRDN household and I'd invite you over if COVID wasn't a thing. Get ready because Feb. 12th is a big day!