Taylor Swift Announces Release Of Fearless Album

Hate her or love her, you have to admit that Taylor Swift knows how to get the crowd going. And earlier today on Good Morning America, she did just that. The huge announcement came in as Taylor Swift let the world know she's re-releasing her Fearless album with six unreleased songs and her new version of 'Love Story' is dropping tonight. You may recall a snippet in close friend, Ryan Reynolds' Match.com commercial.

Well, with all Taylor Swift releases there comes easter eggs to the info that wasn't immediately given. During her heartfelt post about dropping the new Fearless, fans were quick to spot the oddly capitalized letters which made out "April Ninth." That date is 4/9. What is 4+9? 13, otherwise known as Taylor's lucky number. Looks like we could have a release date folks. See Taylor's message below.