Claudia Conway Wows Judges At American Idol, Moves To Next Round

In the newest season of American Idol, Kellyanne Conway's daughter, Claudia Conway made her singing debut. There's been reactions all across the board on the internet since she won her golden ticket onto the second round, however, I believe they need to do some real investigating on her relationship with her mother. Clearly, we weren't listening to everything she was saying on TikTok so much so that she's singing on national television so she could tell her story on a larger platform. Think about it: American Idol doesn't get into the sob stories until the second round anyway. Hopefully this isn't a larger cry for help. It was obvious she didn't have much experience but I hope the next couple rounds get her going on the path to really pursue the career if that's what she's looking to do. All in all, I hope she's okay.