California Anti-Masker Coughs On Rideshare Driver, Kicked Off Multiple Apps

Transportation Union And Rideshare Drivers United Members Hold Rolling Vehicle Protest Calling On State To Enforce AB5

We don't talk about them often but, rideshare drivers have a lot to put up with! They're taking a risk every time they let someone new into their car especially during this pandemic. You'd think it's an unspoken agreement to act accordingly during these situations but, for some, that just isn't the case.

Over the weekend, a Californian anti-masker got into an Uber and seemingly caused problems for the driver, who was wearing a mask, after not only trying to get in without a mask but proceeded to engage in a physical altercation to which the woman coughed on the driver as a form of attack. Seen here:

Uber has since taken action to have this woman permanently removed from the app. You'd think this would be a wake up call. For her, it was the opposite:

Immediately after this livestream from "keepinupwforeign" where she champions rideshare competitor, Lyft, they chose to permanently removed from their platform as well and put out a statement:

People are trying really hard to make it through. The normal 24 hours is nowhere near normal for most anymore. To be acting this way, with someone who is seemingly older than you and thus more likely at risk, is just wildly unacceptable. It's great to see Lyft taking swift action like this against someone who is behaving recklessly for...clout? No one benefits here and it's truly a shame to people turning on each other over very small asks. Please be safe and wear a mask. If not for you, definitely for your neighbor.

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