Kanye West's Ex-Bodyguard To Release Documentary About Him

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One of Kanye West's former bodyguard's, Steve Stanulis, has announced he's working on a documentary about past experiences working under West. According to Page Six, the "race" is underway for streaming platforms to create a Kanye West-documentary. While it seems like Mr. West has been laying low after news broke of his divorce to Kim Kardashian, such platforms are looking to people like Steve Stanulis, who were in his atmosphere.

Stanulis worked with West in 2016, and was around for some of the star's wild incidents, including a behind-the-scenes meltdown on the st of "Saturday Night Live," plus events such as New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala. He has alleged that West once tipsily wandered into the wrong hotel room of an Italian dignitary at the Waldorf, nearly setting off a brawl.

If anything, this reminds me of the Britney documentary. This doesn't protect Kanye in any way. In fact, this sounds like they're going to put him on display without his consent. There's something that doesn't seem right about someone sharing what would otherwise be known as "drunk stories" of other people. More info here.

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