Justin Bieber Could Be In Hot Water With French Duo Justice Over New Album

We're just moments away from Justin Bieber's sixth studio album Justice but it looks like there could be trouble even before its release. French duo, Justice isn't taking too kindly to the design of Bieber's new album cover as they've sent a cease-and-desist due to the fact it looks exactly like their logo.

The interesting part about all of this is that after fans drew comparisons to Bieber's cover and Justice's logo, the band's trademarked cross initially got both camps talking. The Bieber camp reached out to be put in contact with whoever came up with their logo but after with interest in making a similar design but nothing literally stating they'd be using the band's name, let alone the iconic cross symbol as the album's title. This "illegal co-opting" of the design, according to Justice's legal team means this could only be the beginning. Full story, via The FADER below.