Man Finds Shrimp Tails In His Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This story has been consuming the internet for the past, I'd say almost 36 hours and the one thing that isn't being consumed? Cinnamon Toast Crunch, probably. I want to start by saying I'm a full-fledged CTC supporter. Could quite possibly be the Michael Jordan of cereals. If it wasn't for this debacle, of course. A man-who we originally thought was a random guy-posted to Twitter pictures of shrimp tails he found in his cereal just to simply alert them. An otherwise good deed.

Well, CTC hit the man back with an extremely subpar response claiming that those weren't shrimp tails rather "an accumulation of sugar." It was here that all hell broke loose. The man, Jensen Karp, who we'd later go on to find out he's the husband of Danielle Fishel (fish jokes welcomed) aka Topanga from Boy Meets World, would then keep things super transparent and public by posting CTC's responses every step of the way. The key takeaway: gaslighting is always bad.

In Karp's latest update, he posted the emails, which are the first they've sent him, where CTC demands he take the shrimp tails to the local authorities so they can pick them up for testing and investigate tampering. It is currently an ongoing battle but chances are if this is settled out of court, he's getting all those box tops we used to collect back in the day.