Pilot On Southwest Flight Goes On Hateful Bay-Area Rant While Hot Mic'd

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

How do you not know a mic is hot? I guess because I work in radio that's something I ALWAYS have to be aware of but to not only be hot mic'd but also saying some utterly foul things?? Yikes! A Southwest pilot just experienced the worst of the worst when it comes to this situation as he want on an anti-Bay Area rant while flying to the Bay Area but was cut off by air traffic control before he could dig that hole any deeper. It doesn't get any better.

f--king weirdos, probably driving around in f--king Hyundais, f--king and s--t that go slow as f--k... You don't have the balls unless you're f--king rolling coal, man, goddamn it."

He also had things to say about millennials too. Aren't we just the worst?? Full story below. And apparently the audio can be found at LiveATC.net

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