Kendall Jenner On Changing Diapers Is Everything

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I really can't stop laughing at this clip.

I have to put a full disclaimer here: I'm about to mansplain Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Respectfully.

Now, I don't watch KUWTK but I loosely know about the family. Kendall Jenner's the only one of out of all the sisters that doesn't have a kid and seemingly doesn't have any interest in having one? (I'll have to get Showbiz Shelly to fact check me here) So, in this latest episode, Kendall is tasked with watching Malika and OT Genasis's baby boy, Ace. She's asked if she knows how to change a diaper. A boy diaper, because that's wildly different from a girl diaper apparently (another disclaimer: I just learned that too!). Everything that happens after the question is asked is full. blown. comedy. Kendall's face the entire time is RIDDLED with confusion. That being said, please enjoy.

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