Footage Of Saweetie & Quavo Fighting In An Elevator Leaked

Earlier this month, Saweetie announced her split from Quavo and the internet lost it. Taking sides over who did what to who. Today we got a glimpse into their seemingly rocky relationship. Footage of the two fighting in an elevator leaked and while this is not a good look for either party, we truly don't know these people. I hate to share things like this but the bigger issue I'm seeing since this video's release is the public's reaction is that everyone is now a therapist or a detective. We love their music and their online presence but outside of that we don't have the facts. I'd like to hope neither party was abusive to the other but to cape for either one of them at this point doesn't help an already toxic situation. Also, glamourising toxicity, whether you're an artist or a fan, is not cool. Because this is the reality of toxic relationships. Either way, I hope both Saweetie and Quavo get the help they need. And at the end of the day, this is a win for elevators. The one true big brother.