Fans Think Taylor Swift's Latest Song "From The Vault" Is About Joe Jonas

Due to the fact that Taylor Swift has been re-recording her old albums to regain ownership, huge buzz has been swirling around Swift's re-releases her Fearless album. After making swifties decypher her puzzle about the tracklist, Taylor Swift dropped another one of her unreleased songs from the Fearless era, 'Mr. Perfectly Fine'. Because this new-old song had to have been written before the 2008 release, fans are believing the track is all about ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas. Swifties have been making all kinds of comments online wondering which ex could be referenced next as more never-before-heard music will be on the way and if anyone has heard from Joe himself. Well, it turns out Mr. Jonas' now wife, Sophie Turner, is into the record and Taylor seems to dig that. More below.