Internet Goes Mad Over Usher & His "Usher Bucks"

"Burden" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening

Leave it to the web to take something and run with it. A post about Usher being the in the strip club spread like wildfire when a person posed a question about Usher's fake money, now deemed "Usher Bucks" and what someone would do if they were given fake money in the club. The narrative was spun that Usher was using fake dollar bills with his name and face on them to pay strippers.

Things looks even crazier once people found out that Usher had posted with said Usher Bucks on Instagram a while before the supposed incident.

However, according to The Shade Room, a rep from the Vegas strip club Usher was at confirmed that these "Usher Bucks" were only used for a prop in a video and that Usher had spent thousands of real dollars at the club. Remember kids, the internet is crazy place.

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