Are You A Geriatric Millennial?

According to The Telegraph, people born between 1980 and 1985 are now referred to as "Geriatric Millennials" (LOL) because they don't quite fit into the GenXer space and apparently aren't as "hip" as us social media-dependent, dare I say, normal, millennials (still laughing).

However, many seem to be proud of claiming this so-called grey area. One person, has even enjoyed "this sudden, late arrival of a generational identity." (Hard LOL).

Nothing against her, I just don't see the need for everything having a definitive title. If we can be real for a second, being anywhere from 36 to 41 is literally the opposite of "geriatric" but go off.

The best part, after blasting people in their late 30's with such a name, The Telegraph offered up a chance to reflect on the phrase with a poll:

I love it here.

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